The Advisory Board of Business Wizardry is comprised of the following:

Joseph Warmann, Founder

Joseph Warmann helps business owners create clarity & purpose to grow their small businesses. He has worked in Fashion Retail, Business Travel, and Relocation to name a few, and he took his first business from $0 to $6m in annual sales in under 5 years.

These days he shares the lessons he learned along the way of his own journey with other business owners, helping them make more money in less time and with less stress. He is the creator/author of the business development program "Business Execution Pro".

Paul Lemberg, the "Business Coach"

Many years ago, he was the one who originally coined the phrase "Business Coach". Today, Paul Lemberg helps small business owners become wealthy. He has done it hundreds of times, and his private coaching clients have collectively pocketed over $400 million in profits. He is the creator of the easiest to use, most comprehensive business building program ever, "Blueprints to Profits".

Bob Betzelberger, Business Consultant

Bob Betzelberger is a serial entrepreneur and has owned many successfull businesses. He has a background in consulting and marketing and the last business that he started was bought out in three years by his largest competitor for a seven figure sum. He is especially good at helping mid-sized companies reverse engineer their success by first determining where they will need to be in the future and then helping them quickly plan a low cost and easy path to get there.